About Us

The Rothamsted Open Innovation Forum, from Rothamsted Research and the Rothamsted Centre for Research and Enterprise (RoCRE), took place on 18-20 January 2017. Bringing together thought leaders and R&D experts within the Agri-Tech sector, the Rothamsted Open Innovation Forum was designed to accelerate collaboration in the development of game-changing innovations required to address global food and nutrition security challenges.

Open Innovation practice has advanced the development of new products and services in a number of sectors, notably digital, pharma and life sciences. Rothamsted Research, with its legacy of cutting-edge fundamental and applied research within agri-sciences, alongside academic and industry partners, is leading on promoting Open Innovation in the agri-food sector.

The Rothamsted Open Innovation Forum aimed to:
define how Open Innovation can work best within the agri-food sector;
showcase best practice in Open Innovation within related sectors;
identify opportunities for collaboration in pre-competitive areas where Open Innovation will enable accelerated progress.

Experts in crop protection, plant breeding, seeds, animal and crop traits, crop nutrition, animal breeding, animal feed, animal health, agronomy, primary production, food manufacturing and food retailing were in attendance to work collaboratively on pre-defined challenges in the agri-food space. In addition to this, businesses involved in the development of intelligent mechanical and electronic devices, sensors and equipment that could have applications in agri-tech were also involved.